Online Reputation Management

ORM Services


Online reputation management or ORM is the process to maintain the business reputation or image on world wide web as reputation of firm is more important than any other aspects of business. This technique helps businesses individuals and businesses a complete access or control on the online search results which are affecting the name of a business.

Online Reputation Management is a concise form of practice for every business. To reduce false practices and functions affecting the good name of a company, Reputation Management plays a vital role.

Our ORM services are suitable for any type of business whether it is a small or big size business. We have categories our services in three phases -

1. Starting - This is the initial stage for any business or company which required a good reputation from online fraud to your business or name.
2. Protection - In this category of reputation management we maintain the reputation of business among the public for long time. This service specially designed for those businesses that already have good reputation in market.
3. Rescue - This approach is applied on those business which falls due to negative reviews from different online channels. With WXT assistance a business can recover its good reputation by hiding the bad reviews and posts.

ORM is Profitable

Online Reputation Management costs business considerably less than the expenses associated with online reputation harm. That is, the fees incurred to manage a profile or brand online are significantly lower than the costs associated with a lack of trust by customers, stress and pain suffered by business owners, loss of business and loss of sales.


  • Creation of social media profiles
  • Sharing links on social media sites
  • Write up fresh and positive reviews against negative reviews
  • Creation of video or promotion
  • Write up good reviews for a company
  • Article, press release and blog submission and syndication
  • Push your website or business name to rank up by posting Good Content


Webxplore Technologies provides most gratified Reputation Management services generate desired results. Our services are delivered by our team with years of experience who has sound knowledge of latest reputation management techniques to manage reputation of business among customers, clients and individuals. We understand the significance of reliability for an organization. Our services are dedicated toward this objective as well. We will serve our clients by innovative ORM solutions.

For different types of businesses, we have designed the Reputation Management packages that suits to your needs properly.